Update: Swindle Mag 18-September-2005

As we prepare to take Disarm to New York for next week's IFP Market we have some good news...

Issue #4 of Swindle magazine is out this week and features a major 8-page feature story on the film! This is the Disarm's first major spread and while SWINDLE may not be known to many of you, it is a very influential, independent voice in the art/design world.

SWINDLE is produced by Shepard Fairey (of Obey Giant/Andre The Giant Has A Posse fame) and Roger Gastman (Free Agents, DC Graffiti/WhileYouWereSleeping). In the US, the magazine is available in soft AND hardcover from many arty bookstores, fine clothing stores in NYC & LA like Adidas, Armani, Paul Frank, Prada, Puma, Marc Jacobs and even at Tower Records here in DC.

A quote from the article written by Anne Keehn follows, but it is Brian's amazing photos from the minefields that really make the story. Disarm screens on Thursday, 21 September at the Anjelika Theatre in NYC. Wish us luck, please link to our website, and tell your friends!

"Conceived and produced as it was by a member of the ICBL for educational purposes, Disarm can be considered an advocacy film. A certain style is typically expected of a documentary like this: authoritative narration, a clear objective, and a firm point of view. Disarm has none of that. Scored by members of Fugazi, with help from Múm, Thievery Corporation, and the Flaming Lips, the film has a slow-burning aesthetic that is more art-rock than National Geographic. There is no narrator and hardly any text. With little didactic guidance, the images have the complex power of the best photojournalism, ambiguous and multi-layered in a way that forces the audience to interpret on its own." Swindle Magazine, Issue 4