Update: Alaska to Zagreb 17-November-2005

Screenings, Campaign Events, DVD, Other Distribution

Film Festivals

Our documentary feature film on landmines Disarm has received some invitations to screen at film festivals in some exotic locations. In early December, Disarm will screen at festivals in Anchorage, Alaska and New York (South Asia Int. Film Fest). It has also been accepted into the 29th Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden at the end of January 2006, which will be the film’s European Premiere!

Campaign Events

Two subtitled versions of the film have been completed in time for release on 22 November in Medellín, Colombia (Spanish) and Algiers, Algeria (French). Local campaigners are organizing the screening events to coincide with the launch of the ICBL’s seventh annual Landmine Monitor report. A screening will also take place that day in Geneva at the United Nations Cinema, organized by the UN Disarmament Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). For more information on these and other screenings, please check out our Screenings page on the website.

DVD Production

The film is also being subtitled into Arabic, German, Portuguese and Russian. By February 2006 we hope to have these languages available on a single DVD together with outtakes and other materials. We decided not to go with a distribution offer received last month, mainly because we seem to be doing fine on distribution at present and like the control we are able to retain over the product. Help with DVD distribution would be very useful though – let us know if you have any ideas/contacts!

Other Distribution News

Brian and Mary are continuously working hard to get Disarm out, in addition to all their other projects. Brian has scored two really nice reviews of the film in Re:Up and Clamor magazines. Following on some connections made in September at the IFP Market in New York, we’ve received very positive feedback from A & E, History Channel, and HBO. Unfortunately, while these broadcasters really like the film they could not find a suitable slot for it. Their loss!

Location News

Earlier this month two Afghan deminers were killed while clearing mines at Kabul’s main airport and another three wounded. Our crew filmed these deminers clearing along the busy runway last year at that same location for the film. This latest incident reminds us of the very dangerous work these deminers do on a daily basis as well as the risks our crew took to get the best footage possible. We convey our deepest sympathies to the deminers doing this work, to their friends, and their families.

If you are interested in holding a screening or helping us get Disarm broadcast, please get in touch!

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