Notice: Sabbatical 31-January-2006

This is a brief note to inform you that I will be away from my full-time job here in the U.S. on sabbatical until 1 May. For more info on this latest adventure, pls read the long-winded note below that I just sent to my colleagues in the landmines campaign.

In my absence Disarm's director Brian Liu can handle your questions about our documentary film Disarm, but I'll also check this email address often and my mobile still works: (202) 352-2968. We are continuing to get the film out, though unfortunately missed its European debut at the Göteborg Film Fest in Sweden this past weekend.

Pls check the screenings page on the website for more info and don't hesitate to contact us with questions or requests for the film!


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Dear Friends,

I'm writing to let you know that I will be away from my work on sabbatical from 1 February-30 April 2006. Human Rights Watch employees who have been with the organization for more than seven years are allowed/encouraged to take sabbatical to enjoy an extended period of time away from the office and work on a project related to human rights. I had intended to depart sooner, but the father of my partner Brian Liu (who many of you know from our film Disarm) died tragically a week ago so I stayed on to help Brian with all the arrangements.

I've been looking into sabbatical options since March 2005 when I stepped down as Global Research Coordinator of the ICBL's Landmine Monitor initiative and have long planned to write a paper on it. This research will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Monitor to determine its effectiveness in influencing implementation of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. I'll look at the Monitor's place in the broader context of verification regimes and disarmament efforts. I'd also like to provide some practical guidance for the groups that regularly request our advice on launching similar types of initiatives.

I'll be based at an independent Norwegian research foundation in Oslo called "Fafo." The organization recently established a security program, which is where I will be housed under the direction of my long-time friend and former NPA colleague Christian Ruge. My contact details will remain the same. This is their website:

This will be my first "real" break from work since I left my home in Wellington, New Zealand ten years ago. I've been with HRW since May 1998 and before that worked alongside Jody Williams at the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation during the critical 1996-1997 "Ottawa Process" period. I'm very excited at the prospect of spending my sabbatical as this research project is long overdue and so little has been published on this remarkable initiative to date.

I've known many of you for a very long time now and have the utmost respect for the work you do to eradicate mines and ordnance. I have always tried to be fully supportive of what you are trying to achieve in your countries, sometimes under very trying circumstances. In the beginning I said I'd work for free just to have the opportunity to work on such a dynamic issue with such a committed core of activists, diplomats, and others. I still feel that way, but only wish it were possible to do this work from New Zealand!

Please stay in touch, help me to continue getting Disarm screened as widely as possible, and let me know if you're willing to be interested in helping me with this research. In my absence, my colleagues Steve, Mark, and Rachel Good should be able to assist you. If you'd like to send a message to Brian and his mother, please email them at: I've set up a web log or "blog" that you should check regularly if you'd like to see what I'm up to:

That's it I think... My best wishes to you for 2006!!!

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