Report: Bosnia 30-May-2004

We shot 20 hours of footage during two weeks in Bosnia and Herzegovina in early May 2004.

Some of the footage we now have includes:

- Field close-ups of deminers operating in a variety of different minefields in a village near Sarajevo, at the cityís main airport, and in the Republika Srpska in the north of the country;

- The annual global meeting of researchers from the International Campaign to Ban Landmines;

- A minefield visit by Jody Williams, ICBL ambassador and 1997 Nobel Peace Laureate, and Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch, President of the Treaty Review Conference where our film will be initially released;

- Demining machines and mine detection dogs at work;

- An interview with campaigners from China, Russia, and the United States, three of the biggest holdouts to the landmine ban;

- Disturbing stock footage of mine incidents in Afghanistan and Burma provided to us by landmine campaigners during the Sarajevo meeting;

- An interview with a demining team supervisor who spoke about how he had laid mines in the same area his team is now clearing;

- An interview with a demining organization director, who was previously engaged in the manufacturing of antipersonnel mines in his home country of Italy;

- Stock footage of recent mine casualty incidents provided by the BiH Federationís national Radio and Television network.;