News: Award! 28-April-2006

Disarm has picked up its first award at the 2006 Newport Beach Film Festival for “Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking.” Disarm director Brian Liu attended the Newport Beach screening, in addition to last month’s River Run Film Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Since last month's update, Disarm has been accepted into a number of film festivals including Jackson Hole Film Festival (Wyoming, USA), Filmstock (Luton, UK), and Bianco (Perugia, Italy). Check the Screenings page on the Disarm website for more details including exact screening dates, and do encourage people to come if in their area.

Disarm's Executive Producer Mary Wareham is now back in Washington DC, having completed a three-month sabbatical research project in Oslo, Norway.

That's what we have for this update. Please get in touch is you're interested in helping screen Disarm - we want our film to be seen by as many people as possible!