Update: DVD Release 04-February-2009

FINALLY, after many years of work including touring numerous film festival screenings and distribution on various television networks, the Disarm DVD has been completed! This newly mastered DVD is loaded with extras including directors’ commentary, trailers, and 40 minutes of deleted scenes. Our amazing friends at IndiePix will start distributing the Disarm DVD on February 24th and a launch event is planned in New York on March 2 together with Jody Williams and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL).

The DVD will be available from stores in Canada, the US and UK, online at Amazon, Netflix, and Borders Books, and available via digital download. PLEASE buy the film, spread the word, and leave comments and ratings on the Disarm profile on Amazon, Netflix, and IMDB sites.

Thanks to so many people who have helped us, donated time, provided resources, or kept us safe during the making of Disarm. Please support independent film and help support the landmine and cluster munition bans.

A big thanks to everyone involved in preparing the DVD especially Brian Liu, Guillaume Bernadeau, Amy O’Byrne, Nick Pimentel, Katy Wood, and our translators. We’re grateful to IndiePix, especially Danielle DiGiacomo, Ryan Harrington, Liz Ogilvie, and Matt Posorske.